Corfu old town is an amazing place full of neoclassical buildings and traditional alleys. The old town is located at the central east of the island and is one of the most beautiful and stylish places among the Greek islands. Some years ago, Corfu was inscribed on UNESCO world heritage center listListon Square is the central square of Corfu. All the buildings have venetian style of architecture. You can find a lot of cafeterias, always full of people and a lot of restaurants around the square. Corfu town has tow fortresses, the old and the new, as the locals use to call. Both of them  are nice and the view is amazing. Between the city and the castle is the Spianada square, wich is is the largest square in Greece. So as you come to make your vacations in Corfu you have to visit the old town and spend a half-day or an evening walking through this place.

The City of Corfu suffered from the Nazi bombers during World War II, but managed to keep the two great forts and the church of Agios Spyridon. The island’s military position made Corfu several times the protagonist in European history, thus had been conquered by Byzantines, Romans, Macedonians, Venetians, French and Greeks. The center of the city is the old fortress, which is a next to Spianada. There, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the island’s central library and part of the university. In the courtyard of the fortress, concerts are taking place during summer hot nights from famous artists. The most famous street of Corfu is Liston (means on the list). It was named by Libro Doro, a book where all the noblemen and the good order of the island were recorded and were the only people that had access in the area. Today, is a trademark of Corfu’s Town and hosts beautiful cafes and shops where tourists and locals enjoy their coffee or cocktail. At the back side of Liston, you will find several restaurants, where you can taste our traditional dishes such as Sofrito, pastichada and bourdeto. This will be one of the best chores you will ever make, I’m sure.. 🙂

To visit Corfu’s Old Town, you can choose among: