One of the most beautiful and traditional villages in Corfu is  Liapades. It is located next to cosmopolitan Palaiokastritsa, which is undoubtedly one of the most touristic parts of the island. Distance between Liapades and paleokastritsa is less than 6 kilometers. It is also located 20 k/m outside the city of Corfu, nearly 25 minutes driving, on the west side of the island. Beautiful landscapes, small family taverns, with tasteful Greek food  and cafeterias where locals enjoy every day their coffee or tsipouro. Liapades, is the village that spreads in Corfu’s central-western part and combines mountains and sea. In the upper part of Liapades, is the central square, built between narrow streets made of stone. You can visit the large church or the small traditional cafes,where you can enjoy a traditional coffee or a strong tsipouro with meze, enjoying the tranquility of the square.

At a distance of only 1.5km is the touristic part of the village, with family hotels, beach, pools and shops. Locals’ main occupation is tourism during the summer period and the rest of the year, mainly wine and olive oil production. Liapades, were a decadent of the Lilapids pirates during the Byzantine Empire, that they gave their name to the village. Pirates were permanently settled in the area, because of the extremely beneficial location, in order to be protected by their enemies. The main beaches of Liapades, are Gefyra and Rovina. Gefyra, is the central beach of the area, organized with sun beds and umbrellas. The most popular beach in Liapades, is Rovinia beach and because of it, we have hundreds of visitors, every summer. Access to the beach is a bit difficult, so we suggest a Scooter rental Corfu or a Quad rental Corfu. There are two major hotels, cafes and shops, as also the possibility of renting a boat, sea bikes and water sports. Those who visit Rovina, say that they are enchanted by its impressive crystal clear waters. There is no shop in the area, because it is considered a natural beauty landscape, so get your supplies before your visit in the area.

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