Sym Crox 50cc

The CROX incorporates elements of sporting character as well as functionality and ergonomics. Pointed tip at the front of the scooter, sharp design, aluminum footplate handle, LCD display screen with 16-color light adjustment, translucent crystals in the back and forth flashes. Despite its “wild” nature, CROX offers a rich equipment and is a smart solution for everyday use in the city. It has a comfortable seat, made of α non-slip foam material and passenger handles. In addition, there is a large storage space under the seat and a parking brake for secure parking.

Safety / Equipment:

  • 12 inch Wheels with off road tires
  • Rear suspension with adjustable spring preload
  • Position lights (75mm diameter) of 18 LEDs
  • Large 35/35W round body luminary, that provide excellent visibility


  • ENGINE: Four-stroke
  • POWER SUPPLY: Carburettor
  • CLIP: 3.10 Nm / 6500rpm
  • COOL: Air cooled
  • WEIGHT: 98kg