We are a motorbike rental company in Corfu, located in Liapades and we rent scooters, quads and bikes every season, from April till the end of October. We are located exactly to the very first kilometer of the main street, towards the central beach of LiapadesGefira beach”. Our company is “Nadia’s bike rental” and we “rent our wheels” to make your vacations special. With more than 20 years of experience, we are here to give you the best motorcycles to rent, the best proposals for destinations to visit and equipment, in order to enjoy your accommodation on the island. Here, you can find the best offers in scooter rental and quad hire in Corfu. For motorcycle rental in Liapades, Nadias bike rental is the place to be. 

“Because, Holidays are better on wheels”


Our company is based in Liapades and we specialize in quad rentals all over Corfu. We operate for more than 20 years and we have one of the largest and safe to drive fleets, with the best prices on the island. With more than 60 vehicles, containing scooters, motorcycles, Quads and bicycles, we guarantee that we can satisfy the needs of any traveller. Enjoy the amazing panoramic views of Corfu, that can be only experienced, with ATV bikes.

We aim to give you the most unique experience, allowing you to discover, all the natural hidden assets of Corfu. If you want to explore the exciting side of Corfu with your friends, we assure you that quads are the perfect solution for a unique experience. On the other hand, if you are not a nature fan, you can also ride our quads in Corfu’s busy streets, in a more practical and comfortable way. Everyone that has a car driving license can drive our Quad bikes and no experience is really necessary. It is really simple to drive it, even if you never tried it in the past. Four wheel ATV bikes, provide an improved stability and are perfect for and easy to operate even by inexperienced drivers. Quads, offers you the comfort and stability of a car, combined with the freedom of a motorcycle. Enjoy an unforgettable ride with our four wheel quad bikes, suitable for all terrains. We have high standards on the maintenance of all our vehicles and the best customer service in Corfu. We also offer, free delivery in any residence, delivery near Airports & Seaports, full demonstration of quad bikes, safety helmets for all drivers.


The best scooters in the Island, always in excellent condition, fun and easy to ride. You can rent a scooter by day, or for as many days as you like. But remember, the longer the rent is, the lower will be the price! Scooters are the most bestselling design in the history of motorcycles. The main reason, is the ease of use and comfort they provide. Scooters are designed for casual use, thus they have easier handling. Nadia’s is the place, to provide you the desirable mobility and liberty, in order to be able to visit, every corner of Corfu.

In our ” Scooter ” page, you will find scooters with different engine sizes and always at the best price on the island. You will find models such as the Piaggio Liberty 50 c.c. one of the most comfortable and safest scooters, because of their larger size wheels.  Liberty has great manoeuvrability and has an amazing driving feeling, that requires nearly no effort to handle. You can also find Peugeot Speed-fight and Suzuki katana, two scooters with sporty character and agility, when driving at high and low speed. If you need a Little more power, you can check out TCB HS and Loncin Grasper, at 150 c.c. With a better performance on the motorway, those two Scooters can take you on every corner of the island, with great comfort and efficiency. Scooters are also ideal for romantic couples, and they come with two helmets absolutely free, because always safety comes first.



Welcome to Nadia’s motorbike rental. Here you will find the best motorcycles to rent and the best advice for places to visit in Corfu. We are here, in order to make your rental, easy and convenient for you. Just tell us when and where to deliver your motorbike, upon your arrival in Corfu island and we’ll be there. You will also have an insurance coverage and helmets, in order to make your ride in Corfu as safe as possible.

Nadia’s bikes, is operating for more than 20 years on the island. We are here to ensure that you will get the perfect vehicle for your holidays in Corfu. There is no better way to explore Corfu, than doing it on the back of a motorcycle. We are here, to make your fantasy holidays a reality. With a really easy booking system and unparalleled service, your motorbike adventure on the island is just a few clicks away. Fill the contact form and the dates you will need our bikes and we will answer back, as soon as possible. Nadia’s user-friendly website and our knowledgeable staff, will make the process as simple as it can be. Our aim, is to offer to our customers the best quality services. So get in touch and start planning your Corfu adventure today.


Nadia's Bike Rental


Liapades, Corfu, Greece PC 490 83

698 01 33 582 – 697 26 93 221

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Nadia’s Bike Rental


Liapades, Corfu, Greece PC 490 83

+30 698 01 33 582, +30 697 26 93 221